Plant and seed news.

There is a selection of plants ready for planting out on your plot between the greenhouse and poly-tunnel. PLEASE remember when taking your plants, there are 160+ growers so only take 2 or 3 at a time, more will be available at regular intervals, and your crop will be all be ready to harvest at the same time. Check how far apart to plant them on the green shed window or in the planting manual.  A selection of seeds are also available at the back of the green shed and information posters on the windows and planting manual.


Protecting your crop

The next skill-sharing session will be on Sunday 31st of May, at 11am at the shed. We’ll talk about protecting seedling and crops against birds, butterflies, flies, slugs, etc. Please take note: if you have any electric wires (copper wires) going spare, don’t throw then away, but bring it to us! We’ll see how we can use them to protect climbing plants, courgettes and others veg against slugs.slug-tumblr_mw32ytAnlg1qcdozto1_500

Please email me if you intend to come, and for any enquiries (training@grow-our-own.co.uk)