Wildflower offer

2015-05-14 18.30Peter Anderson with some of the free wild flower seed kits he has received from Grow Wild UK, after having applied for them with Grow Our Own in mind.
The kits arrived belatedly for Spring sowing but they may still be sown in the Autumn for anyone interested in having some seeds.

logo-growwilduk-comThe idea is to transform spaces into attractive wildlife havens. Grow Wild UK have sent out packs which contain a guide to getting started, five packets of UK native wild flower seeds from Kew Royal Botanical Gardens, site labels and a small DIY bee home.

The project is Lottery funded.2015-05-30 19.42

The kits have five packets of seeds for use in England and each packet will cover 2m2. These packets contain the following: corn chamomile, corn marigold, corn poppy, cornflower, hedge bedstraw, lady’s bedstraw, lesser knapweed, meadow buttercup, meadowsweet, oxeye daisy, red campion and ribwort plantain.

logo_KewPeter was hoping to have sown seeds on one GO2 plot in time for Spring and has a few kits available for Autumn sowing. If anyone is interested please let him know personally or making a note in the project day book in the big shed.

The Grow Wild contact is: growwilduk.com