Dear growers, we need your help. Large numbers of plants have gone missing from the green house and poly tunnel area. We are not talking about the odd half dozen here; for example, we have sown 180 sweet corn, at least half of which have disappeared.plant-thief

Whole trays of lovingly sown and tended plants are being taken.

So, please, if you see anyone helping themselves to large amounts of our plants, do ask, politely, if s/he is a member of our scheme and explain what has happened.

Spare brassicas

Rochelle has some spare white cabbages, purple sprouting broccoli, and kale plants in her council plot and would like to pass them on.

They need to be lifted and transplanted at the same time, so if you would like some, please email her to arrange a time to do it: rochelle.wilson1@googlemail.com

Rochelle Wilson