GO2 Bluebell South – Watering System

Maintaining water to GO2 diptanks during growing-months.

Connect GO2 hose to mains tap as illustrated. Click to see illustration and text as supplied by Mark
GO2-WateringNote: supply is shared with Bluebell Allotment Association and may be in use.
Not in use? Connect GO2 hose. Turn on tap.
Water flows via buried piping connected to TANK1.

Tank1 needs to be 3/4 full in order to syphon into TANK2. It is this tank which supplies water to GO2 8 dip-tanks.
Tanks 3 & 4 feed rainwater to TANK2
If there isn’t water flow to diptanks, the likely cause is there isn’t sufficient water in Tank1. This must be at least kept at 3/4 full to syphon water from Tank2 to 8 dip-tanks. It is a good idea to check mains tap is connected to GO2 hose and is turned on.