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Uploaded 08/09/2015
For 2015-16 all growers will need to have read the new Grower’s Agreement,

and to have signed the new Application Form when we renew our plot rental.

Organisation changes resulting from the AGM in July are described in a new document

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Don’t forget…

Although our Members’ Newsletter is sent fortnightly, all our news is put on the website soon after it is sent to

Pictures from events which have already occurred are usually to be seen there too – click here.

Med Food

"Fruit and Nuts Pie" by Nuhad

“Fruit and Nuts Pie” by Nuhad

There are no places left to cook Mediterranean dishes on Saturday 26th September from 10.00 until 2pm.


Sad news…

We were saddened to hear of the death of Alison Foss unexpectedly on Thursday 20th August 2015. The funeral was at 2:15 on Wednesday 23rd September at Earlham Cemetery.Marlpit sunflowers

Alison has been active at Marlpit Community Garden since it started and was the accountant for Sustainable Living Initiative since April this year.
Alison wrote the Marpit Newsletter which we send monthly and regularly contributed to our Bluebell Newsletters, with recipes , reports and even a book review. We enjoyed Alison’s company last Saturday, cooking lunch at Marlpit Community Centre.
Our condolences go to Dennis, Alison’s husband – we’ll miss her.

Jim and Moira


Bluebell South: be vigilant!

Someone with a plot neighbouring ours by the main shed had a bicycle stolen mid-morning last week and some other things have gone missing from sheds (not ours yet, as far as we know).

Best to lock your cycle and please do not go far from the shed when it’s open. If you see anyone wandering about and you feel they might not be a plotholder, there’s no harm in asking them if they need any help. You can make a note of anything suspicious in the daybook.


P1050906The new office at Marlpit Community Centre has great kitchen facilities with space for small groups to cook all sorts of seasonal produce and share their skills.

If you’d like to cook Mediterranean dishes, we are planning a session on Saturday 26th September from 10.00 until 2pm.

To experience these culinary delights, e-mail me at to reserve a place, and if you could share a cooking skill or recipe, please let me know. Please don’t be shy, just let me know by e-mail or leave a message in the book in the shed.

Moira and the Food Team

Cooking Session at Marlpit Community Centre Saturday’s (8th August) Jam and Chutney Making Workshop was a complete success – ten of us attended and it was very informative.
We made a batch of nectarine jam (nectarines from Mahesh’s garden) and some rhubarb and beetroot chutney.

So this Saturday 15th August we have booked another Cooking Session @ Marlpit Community Centre.

Come and join us at 10 and let’s produce some yummy food we can enjoy for lunch together. Microwave Raspberry jam, Courgette Fritters, Onion Marmalade, and some garlic aioli and we will have lot’s more goodies to eat.

Amy and Helen

Foodshare Sunday

was busy – growers showed inventive ways of cooking produce from their plots. The events page has pictures – click here.

Jane's Rice Salad

To read Jane G’s Rice Salad Recipe – click here

Now the office has moved to Marlpit Community Centre (just 5 minutes from Marlpit allotments), we can take advantage of the kitchen facilities and cook all sorts of seasonal produce.

We can do this in small groups of members, and share their skills.
For example, if you’d like to cook Mediterranean dishes, we are planning a session on Saturday 26th September from 10.00 until 2pm.
If you would like to experience these culinary delights, e-mail me at to reserve a place – places are limited by the size of the kitchen.
Also, if you are able to share a cooking skill, please let me know. Please don’t be shy, just let me know by e-mail or leave a message in the book in the shed.
Jam making and chutneys are already in full swing in preparation for fundraising on Open Day on 4th October.

Moira and the Food Team

Blueberry Research Volunteers wanted

Scientists at Norwich Medical School, University of East Anglia, are looking for the final 50 volunteers to help unlock the health benefits of blueberries. This pioneering research is assessing how regular consumption of freeze-dried blueberries affects insulin resistance as well as heart, vascular, lung and cognitive function in overweight (BMI >25 kg/m2), but generally healthy 50-75 year old, non-smoking men and postmenopausal women.

To date, a quarter of the study population have finished the 6-month food intervention, with almost all (93%) stating the experience was rewarding and that they would recommend participation to others. Volunteers would be required to attend the University of East Anglia on six occasions (each ranging from 1 to 3 hours in duration) with optional extra visits. Volunteers would also be required to consume one sachet of either freeze-dried blueberries or a placebo (containing no blueberries) every day for 6 months and follow certain dietary guidelines. Travel expenses to the university (45 p/mile) and an inconvenience payment will be reimbursed.
If you are interested in participating and have no previous history of diabetes or cancer, and are not taking hormone replacement therapy, contact the study team directly via email: or by phone: 01603 592424. Alternatively, visit our website: for further information.