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Visiting Volunteers 1st October 2015

Lily Pharmaceuticals send members of their world-wide workforce to perform volunteer work. On October 1st, four volunteers and their team leader came to the Marlpit Community Garden. They worked very hard all day, putting in the twenty five 3 meter posts needed for the fruit bed netting.DSCN1947 Holes were dug 1 meter deep, which is almost exactly the length of a Marlpit children’s green spade. (Alternatively, deep enough for the smallest team member to get soil in her armpit!) The posts were inserted, carefully lined up, wire stretched across their tops and sides, and secured with staples. The netting will go over in the Spring. The group worked with a good will throughout, and deserve a big “Thank You!” for a job well done.


Read more on the “Past Events” page read-more

Lunch Club Meeting

We met on Saturday 26th September at the Marlpit Community Centre, and discussed organising publicity and sharing communal work. This was followed by Lunch Club for those who joined in with the Bluebell Food Team’s Mediterranean Lunch. Mark’s notes are here read-more

Birds at Marlpit Community Garden

MCG is not just allotments, it has a Forest Garden with bees and a Conservation Area. Being close to the River Wensum and some water-meadows, it is wilder the Bluebell Allotments. Chris Keene has written a short piece about the birds there (and Jim has added some snaps)

Marlpit Birds

Magpies-P1000111Autumn is the time of year when flocks of tits, often accompanied by chaffinches and goldcrests, can be seen in the hedgerows around the Community Garden.  Tits flock together in autumn and winter, which helps them avoid predators, as many pairs of eyes and ears are better than one; they also benefit in hunting their prey of small insects and spiders as birds catch food disturbed by their neighbours. read-more

Chris Keene


Halloween at MCG

two-pumpkinsWe are hoping to organise some activities for children at Marlpit Community Garden for Halloween, Saturday 31st October. Plans have yet to be finalised, so look out for information on the blog.