Not Normal for Norfolk

Birds of Marlpit Community Garden Autumn 2015

Psittacula krameri, Ring-necked Parakeets, photo by Jim

Psittacula krameri, Ring-necked Parakeets, photo by Jim

A pair of Rose ringed parakeets (aka Ring necked parakeet) have been seen at Marlpit Community Garden. These brilliantly coloured birds have been popular as pets for decades, but in 1969 they started to breed in the wild in England, after having escaped, or having been deliberately released. There are now over 8,600 pairs in England and the population is rapidly increasing They are mostly found in the wild in South East England, and it is likely that the pair at the Community Garden had escaped from captivity. They hail from India originally, where they can sometimes cause damage to crops. In England they eat apples, pears, cherries and hawthorn berries, and also visit bird tables to feed on peanuts and sunflower seeds. read-more

Chris Keene