A few of us met to plant trees at Marlpit Community Garden on Tuesday 10 November 2015.
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Trees ready for planting at Marlpit Community Garden

Trees ready for planting – the plan is Dogwood by the gate; Hazel in the coppice; Hawthorn, Rowan and birch in the hedges.

These are the spiral tree-guards.

Corylus avelana, Hazel to plant for coppicing in years to come.
Possibly Cherry?

Possibly Cherry?

Very young whips of Cornus sanguinea, Common Dogwood, to be planted near the gate.

Betula pendula, Birch will be used in the hedge and herbally.

Very young saplings are known as “whips”.

Sorbus aucuparia, Rowan – food for bees and birds.

What did I find in this discarded crisp bag?

Clearing up litter by the dung heap, what's this?

Clearing up litter by the dung heap, what’s this?

Lunch was provided by Mahesh and enjoyed by all present. As it was still sunny, we ate in the shade of the shelter and enjoyed the view of trees and horses and occasional birds (see Chris Keene’s item on the blog.)