Pumpkin Day 2015 at Marlpit

Mahesh with a barrow-load of pumpkins

Mahesh with a barrow-load of pumpkins

Pumpkin day on 31st October at Marlpit Community Garden was celebrated by children’s activities based around Halloween and a delicious meal made from our own seasonal produce.

Mahesh was at the garden early to harvest pumpkins, potatoes and squashes.

Pumpkins and "messy play"

Jana Hrusovska organised activities for children including messy pumpkin play, potato cut printing, making outsize spiders, face painting and a nature trail.

A pumpkin and our Nature Trail game

Jana’s Nature Trail game

A number of children with their parents dropped in during the morning and had a great time trying out the different games. Click here to see more photos.

Some visitors explored the garden and watched our bees busily bringing home nectar and pollen from the late flowering ivy.


Pumpkin curry - made by Mahesh and Rochelle

Pumpkin curry – made by Mahesh and Rochelle

It was a short walk to the Marlpit Community Centre to sample the pumpkin curry, rice and chips that Mahesh and Rochelle had cooked from our own home grown produce.

Pumpkin home for spiders

“Pumpkin à l’araignée “