A note from Juyna
2015-11-01 13.39
“On a gloriously sunny day we had a lovely food share in October. Thought you’d like this photo.”



(Jim says, “Click on photos – see more…”)

Land and water update


November Food Share

It was really nice to meet greet and chat with a few of the team who came to the food share. It was good to hear your ideas especially booking one food share for a general tidy and clearance session around strips. I’ll get that in the diary. Give me your suggested date/s for the cleanup. Remember choose from first Sundays.

Tidy tools

Tidy tools

Water supply.
The large tanks are being drained this week in preparation for grey water connection.
Help will be needed to clean guttering which will direct rain water from the centre building to the tanks. This is pencilled in for Sunday but has yet to be confirmed.

The Team.
There are members of the team I have yet to meet. Please make your self known to me by emailing maw.newman@gmail.com but better tell me when you are going to your allotment as I may be able to come to you. Text 07766032098