Bugs Day at MCG

Half-Term – Bugs Day at MCG

Accommodation available. Everything from luxury five star suites to hostel dormitory accommodation. Will appeal to a wide clientele – from woodlice to centipedes and spiders – not forgetting ladybirds, lacewings and solitary bees. Hedgehogs particularly welcome. No need to book – just turn up at the brand new Bugs Hotel at Marlpit Community Garden.
The first to view the property was a frog that hopped into the ground floor of the four-story hotel as soon as the pallets were put in place. He was carefully lifted out of the way as fifteen children, parents and volunteers moved in to construct the hotel on Sunday 21st February.
recycling_a_sunflower_plantUrsula Juta, who led the activity, had children into gardening gloves and busy foraging for natural materials and stuffing them into the gaps in the structure as soon as they arrived. finding_strawMaterials included canes, hogweed stalks, sunflower stalks, straw, wood with holes drilled in it, holey bricks, rolled up corrugated cardboard and fir cones. Roofing felt and tiles were placed on top and ivy planted to add a touch of greenery to the property.Where_does_this_go

The afternoon was a resounding success. Everyone joined in and worked together. There was concentration, serious thought and discussion about where the materials should go interspersed with laughter. Being_creative_insideOnce the hotel was complete we moved into the gazebo for drinks, cakes and indoor activities. The insects quiz prepared by Louise was popular, as were colouring in pictures of insects, constructing simple butterflies out of paper plates and a lucky dip for beetles in a bucket of sawdust.Proud_construction_gang
A big thank you to the volunteers, parents, and above all to the children who worked together to make the day a success.

by Tish


Everybody’s helping

Lucky dip: what's hiding in the bucket?

Lucky dip: what’s hiding in the bucket?[


Filling the gaps

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