Scrap Wood and Tin Shed

Spring Clean GO2 at Bluebell South Allotments

Remember those little domestic allotment jobs you promised to do but haven’t had time to do. February is prime time to Spring clean around your manor. Take away and dispose of any non composting material you no longer can find use for – glass, metal, brick etc. Carpet is no longer to be brought or used on council leased allotment with the exception of 100% wool including backing. GO2 rents from the council so the rule applies to us. There is a place to put carpet you are no longer using. To find out where please email for instructions.
Whilst spring cleaning please redefine paths between strips and boarders adjoining neighbours. A minimum of 60cm for paths and boarders need to be maintained.
Maintenance of paths and boarders to all sides is part of strip/ plot agreement with GO2.

Scrap Wood

scrapwood1Over the years GO2 Bluebell has gained a fine collection of wood from all parts of the scheme. Much of the collection lies hidden behind sheds, end of strips, and forgotten out of sight. Each year more gets added, like many garages and lofts, until …

… what can be done? Ideas are requested, but here are a couple for discussion.
A. Make a bonfire of unwanted and decaying hard and soft wood, planks, broken-forgotten whatever it was. Left neglected to be put to flame.
B. Make a Hugelkultur bed. This is a permaculture method of cultivation where rotting wood mixed with other organic material such as kitchen waste and leaves, are put in a trench and covered with soil to grow veg.
Peter Anderson with team help constructed a Hugel on GO2 some years ago. The Hugel raised bed grows vegetables for the Food Team.
Information on Hugelkultur construction can be found on our website or use GoogleKultur to find out more!.

Help make the decision :
(A) Bonfire for a quick fix- paraffin, matches. Up in smoke.( bring potatoes to bake. Let’s have a party).

(B) Hugelkultur – digging, carrying, covering. Long term cultivation. All familiar to allotmenteers.
(Ok not an instant fix, but enjoying the vegetables of our labour in following years).

Let the Land and Water team know your thoughts and suggestions on this by replying through the newsletter.

The Tin Shed

Building on Bluebell is to recommence. It cannot be said that all has gone to plan. I’m reminded of the motorist lost asking for directions being told “you shouldn’t be starting from here”. The journey has had its detours not mentioning wind, rain, Christmas and New Year. Team players on the Tin Shed will be emailed in the next fortnight.

If you would like to be an occasional helper on the team or need information re Spring Clean GO2 email

Mark Newman – Land and Water

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