Suma for SLI


As a member of SLI, you are eligible to benefit by buying ethically sourced, organic, fair-trade food, Suma websitedrinks and cleaning products from SUMA. Normally, we make one order every month and our order is delivered to a single address – at the moment our office.

To know more about SUMA and the range of products available, please follow this picture-link. →

If you are interested in joining the group or would like more information, please contact me. Any products you buy through our group are 30% cheaper than the retail price.

Mahesh Pant

SLI membership card - obverseSustainable Living Initiative
Marlpit Community Centre
Hellesdon Road
Norwich NR6 5EG.
Tel: 01603 920570
Mob: 07969996646
Registered Charity Number 1154190

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