Growing and Using Herbs – April 2016

Growing and Using Herbs – April 2016

Spring Tonics, the third of the ‘Growing and Using Herbs’ Practical Training Courses,  was held at the Marlpit Community Garden on Saturday, April 16th.

Once again, there were excellent  handouts providing descriptions of the plants that we would use and a recipe for Nettle Soup (a warming sample of which was also provided).

We were then instructed in the preparation of tinctures – extraction of essences by alcohol – which was followed by a practical session – a trip to the Garden to collect our own sample using Nettles, Chickweed, and Goose Grass to create our own  Spring Tonic.

We discovered that these humble plants are , in fact, “superfoods” in their own right, containing many necessary vitamins and trace chemicals.

The preparation of Chickweed Vinegar was demonstrated, and its uses described. (Both culinary and medicinal!).

We were shown how those herbal essences that cannot  be extracted by alcohol may be obtained by decoction – simmering in water.

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Teresa and Claire


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