Seeds and Plants at Bluebell

Seeds and plants at GO2 Bluebell

If you haven’t already planted your early potatoes, now is the time. There are still plenty of Orla seed potatoes ready chitted available from the GO2 big shed. Main crop potatoes will arrive by the end of the month so save a space for a few of those.

There are seeds of the most popular vegetables on the table at the end of the big shed. Carrots, beetroot, turnips, radishes, spinach, parsnips and all kinds of peas can all be sown now, in well-watered drills. Don’t forget to give peas netting or chicken wire protection from the birds.

The first plants – lettuce, mizuna and mibuna – will be available outside the polytunnel on Sunday. If you miss them look on the shelves just inside the polytunnel where they’ll be put for safe-keeping at the end of the morning.

We’re busy sowing tender seeds – courgettes and squashes and the like – in the GO2 greenhouse. They, along with runner beans, sweet corn and climbing French beans, will be ready as plants once the risk of frost has gone, usually the last week in May or even early June. The tender plants on sale now in garden centres can be very tempting but be warned, with frost forecast next week, even cloche protection is unlikely to keep them safe.

For now, the sun is shining, there’s plenty to sow and plant, and to look forward to.

Bridget for Seed and Plant Team

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