Spring Weeds and Seeds

The soil is warming up; it’s time to start sowing.

Have you noticed a rash of newly germinated weed seedlings on your plot? The weed seeds have been dormant during the winter but now their germination is a sure sign that the soil is warming up and that sowing of seeds can start in earnest. The weedlings can be hoed off – best done when it’s sunny so they dry out and shrivel – and the soil raked to a fine tilth.
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At GO2 Bluebell, there’s plenty to sow. Radishes, beetroot, parsnips and carrots can be sown in well-watered narrow drills. Broad beans, mange tout, sugar snap and traditional peas are sown in wider drills. All seeds can all be found in the Big Shed on the table at the back. If you’re not sure what do, or need a reminder, there are people to ask on Wednesday and Sunday mornings when the shed is open. There are also sowing guides in the planting manual kept in the shed and on display in the window.

In a week or so there will be potatoes to plant. The first earlies, Orla, are developing shoots – chitting – in boxes in the shed, almost but not quite ready to go out.

We have been sowing seeds in the warmth of the greenhouse for several weeks. The first batches of Brussel sprouts and purple sprouting broccoli, lettuces and oriental salads, parsley and thyme, several varieties of flowers are growing fast. The first, probably salad plants, will be ready to go out sometime in late April.

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