Shorn at Maaaarlpit

The spectators who gathered at Marlpit Cobeforemmunity Garden on the evening of 13th May were huddled in warm coats to watch Angelica, Audrey and Urban be shorn of their woolly winter coats.
Jason Shorten arrived in his truck and within minutes had set up his equipment.

First to come under the electric clippers was Angelica, closely watched by Audrey and Urban.

For Angelica and Audrey this was their first experience of being shorn. Jason quickly caught the sheep and held them still while he clipped them.What are you doing to Angelica
It was fascinating to watch the skill with which Jason undertook the task, carefully clipping away the wool without harming the sheep or damaging the fleece.

Each sheep took about seven minutes to clip.

Finally three bemused looking sheep were shut in their warm shed for the night, leaving three bags of variously coloured wool.
Three bags fullsheep shearing at Marlpitsheep dogsshearing the headDSC03087catching AngelicaAngelica with audienceAfter shearing