Training – May 2016

Training at Marlpit – 21st May 2016

A very informative morning with Jon Darby who had lots of hints and tips for growing vegetables from seed.
The main topWP_20160521_12_24_09_Proics covered were

Types of seed
Seed sowing
Pricking out
Hardening off
Final destination for plants
Sowing seed directly into the ground
Modular sowing

Other topics covered were,

F1 Hybrid seeds,
Where to obtain good seeds.
Types of pre-prepared seeds, i.e. cells, strips, foil packets.
Soil temperature.

WP_20160521_12_24_18_ProThe group then worked on a roughly dug strip – digging-over, treading-down and raking. Then we prepared drills for carrots spinach and wide drills for peas.
Mahesh gave a demonstration planting courgettes – he also reiterated the importance of after-care of plants, watering and checking at least every two days.
A discussion regarding SLUGS and pest control in an organic environment ensued, a new nematode called Nemaslug is available. Other ideas were discussed with most of the group agreeing that quite a few don’t work!! Jon did warn that because of the mild winters there are lots of slugs about and said if you look in the ground lots of eggs can be found. They look like white opaque little balls and should be squished (a popular word during the slug discussion).
After we had finished we had a very nice lunch provided by Amy.
Thank you to Jon and Mahesh for organizing the morning.