A Timely Intervention

A delivery of Chainsaw Chipping’s, tree ‘limbs’ and assorted material were being tipped on GO2 Bluebell’s disability parking area. It was lucky I was on site with Christine to stop the tip. The driver surprised by my intervention said it was a requested delivery by a GO2 member. He was unable to give a name nor a description. Returning to the shed we noted an entry in the day book re the delivery.

Bye the bye…..

Allotmenteers of Bluebell who wish to use wood chipping need to resource from known sources clean from pests and diseases. Be available to take delivery and transport to their strip/s
Keep the good practice of noting deliveries in the day book. Identify firm or company delivering.
And please be there to take delivery. What was being delivered looked like a garden clear.

Section 11 of NNC Allotment Rules specify what is not to be brought onto allotments.
Wood chip is not as yet included.

Mark Newman
Land and Water