Bluebell Notices

GO2 at Bluebell Allotments South

Some important notices from Bluebell

Car parking – please note that we do not provide car parking at Bluebell for anyone other than Blue Badge holders of whom there are several in GO2. If you have to come by car, please therefore leave it outside the allotment site, on neighbouring George Borrow Road, for example, and walk the few steps to GO2.
It is annoying for our Blue Badge holders if they arrive and cannot park as designated, and embarrassing for those of us who have to find car owners who do not require such parking and ask them to move!

Vacant plots – there are several vacant strips at the moment, although they need digging over. If you want to have a bit more growing-space from now until the end of September, free of charge, please write to Mahesh or myself ( and it will be arranged. There are still potatoes in the shed which are at the moment going to waste so perhaps someone would like to plant them.

Main gate key – if you leave GO2, please return the main gate key for which you paid a £5 deposit. I would rather spend my time on my plots than go to Timpson to get keys cut – twice recently. We will refund the £5 if you return the key within one month of leaving, otherwise the deposit is forfeited.

Path tidying – some may have noticed that thanks to strimming by Philip and Mark, the paths are looking very tidy (for a week!).
However, it is the business of every grower to tidy the paths on all sides of their plots, especially where it will annoy neighbours if the grass seeds everywhere!
Please keep your paths trimmed. There are shears in the cupboard at the back of the main shed.


Notes about Watering, and Plants and Seeds
What’s on for Bluebell members – No Food Share Sunday in July (see above)
Recent Bluebell events – Food Share Sunday – 5 June 2016, Skills Sharing – 29 May 2016