A Swarm at MCG

A Swarm at Marlpit Community Garden.

Last Friday morning Tish discovered that one of the hives was preparing to swarm. Honeybees were leaving and gathered in a nearby Blackthorn bush in the hedge by the Forest Garden.
Tish rang Mahesh, who called in Jim, and together he and Tish managed to capture the swarm.

Tish took these photos – click to enlarge –

1 - Old home - these bees stayed putOld home – these bees stayed put

2 - Swarming beesSwarming bees

3 - Swarm landed

Swarm landed

4 - Where is the swarm?Where is the swarm?

5 - Temporary accommodationTemporary accommodation

6 - Evening outside their new homeEvening outside their new home

7 - The new tenants at number 4The new tenants at number 4 8 - The bees safely housed - time for home after a long daySafely housed – time for home after a long day

Jim’s Bee Movie” on Youtube or Click here to see these photos by Jim (in OneDrive).

PS Yesterday (21 July) we acquired a new hive generously donated by Gareth, who has recently had to stop keeping bees.

2016-07-21 10.51.39