26th August 2016 – Newsletter Number 23

What’s on

Growing-information for August

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Recent events
  • Sunday 14 August at Bluebell Allotments South – a dozen of us sat in the sun planning the Open Day: we’d welcome ideas and help.

Bluebell South - Open Day GO2 2016 October 2nd

Bees in August

Vespa crabro, European Hornet on a hive

This is NOT a hornet – it is Volucella zonaria, a hoverfly. Hornets get a bad press once again.

August is the time when our gentle honey bees become more defensive. They are still out foraging for nectar to convert to honey and store for the winter but others have designs on their honey – wasps, hornets, badgers, bears (well, maybe not in Norfolk) and people. Our bees are ready to defend their stores with their lives if necessary – a bee dies after stinging someone.

Tsveta_and_Lily_holding_smokerThe change of mood was evident when Lily and her mum, Tsveta, inspected one of our hives with me on 16th August. Lily was excited to see inside a hive, but when the bees showed signs of being disturbed we decided to withdraw.

Several members at MCG have taken advantage of our spare protective clothing to view life in a hive this year. Others who would like to watch honey bees at work or help with looking after our colonies should get in touch with me in the spring.


More bee stories…

12th August 2016 – Newsletter Number 22

What’s on
  • Saturday 20 August Practical Training at Marlpit is cancelled due to no booking.
  • If anyone is interested in making seasonal fruit jam, please contact Mahesh – email: sustainable@grow-our-own.co.uk or tel: 01603920570.
  • Sunday 2 October – Bluebell Grow Our Own Open Day is in the planning stage – please get involved – ideas welcome at “the Big Shed” on Sunday morning.

Growing-information for August

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Recent events

Tuesday_at_MarlpitCourgette patties, kolokithokeftedes cooked by MarkSwifts and a microlite


Early Years at MCG

Marlpit Community Garden was a lively place to be on Tuesday.
Regular volunteers were joined by children from the Earlham Early Years Children’s Centre and their parents. Some of the parents spent time weeding the garden as well as helping their children to plant and water flowers and herbs in a special plot. They will be coming along for four Tuesdays during August.
2016-07-21 10.51.43Two older girls took a break from working their after-school and holiday plot to don protective suits and join a group that Tish took up to the bee sanctuary to view inside one of our hives.

A substantial lunch cooked by Amy and Mahesh was much appreciated by visitors and volunteers.