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After years of labouring away at the fortnightly newsletter, Jim needs a break! But he has kindly agreed to email all GO2 members with a short notice about GO2 matters. This will go out once a month only! If you want to know what’s going on at Bluebell, you will need to read it! We found that a lot of people never even opened the previous fortnightly newsletter which is partly why it was decided to stop doing it. You can of course use the Facebook page.

Welcome to new members: Mo and Julia and baby Florence, Laura, Serena, Sheila, Javier and Diana. Some people have moved from two outlying plots to be more central so we gave two plots back to the Council. We now have 12 Council plots in all.

What to sow on your plot – October/November

Now is the time to clear your plot ready for planting. Broad beans, garlic and onions are ready to plant and can be found in the main shed. If you haven’t grown them before, instructions for planting are either on the cards in the window or in the planting manual in the shed or on the website. If you are unsure about planting, come and see us on Wednesday morning and Sunday morning from 10 – 1 when some of us will be there to ask.

Sunday 6 November:

All hands required for Jane’s Tools and Sheds day, 10 – 1 pm followed by food-sharing lunch. This is a check on all our tools. Please come!


Our Land and Water team coordinator, Mark Newman, is taking a gap year to go travelling with his partner and therefore this very important role is vacant. Anyone interested is invited to contact Mahesh or Christine at sustainable@grow-our-own.co.uk for further information. You would be part of the 7-person management team, which has ad hoc and sometimes unruly meetings but which works very well together in keeping going your scheme, Grow-Our-Own at Bluebell South. Christine says: we are absolutely indebted to Mark for the amount of work he has done in setting up the watering system, strimming and tidying up everywhere including re-aligning paths between plots, and erecting, with some help, the new metal shed. A hallmark of Mark’s legacy round our site are the prehistoric-looking burial mounds but you won’t find even a mislaid root vegetable in them! We will miss Mark’s artistry, skills and great sense of humour and wish him happy adventures abroad!


Tools: recent purchases of petrol grass and strimming/brush-cutting tools have been made. To use the equipment growers will need to demonstrate competency in using it. If you have petrol strimmer experience or would like to gain knowledge and experience of using 2-stroke strimmers, come on Sunday 6 November or contact Mahesh Plant on 07969 996646, email sustainable@grow-our-own.co.uk

Shed: the new metal shed, which replaces the one burnt down 10 years ago! will keep shears, strimmers etc and will be accessible by key only on request to Christine, Mahesh and Jane.


Grass cutting at GO2 Bluebell South

Italian made - Emak Efcao LR 44PK Comfort Plus LawnmowerWe’ve recently purchased petrol-powered grass and brush cutting tools for GO2 Bluebell South.
Users of the equipment will need to demonstrate competence. If you have petrol strimmer experience or would like to gain knowledge and experience of using two-stroke strimmers contact Mahesh Pant on 07969 996646 or sustainable@grow-our-own.co.uk


Welcome (once more) to GO2

We haven’t made membership cards this year: last year was just an experiment.
Remember “First Sunday Food” is on 6th November at 1pm
After the “Big Shed Tidy” finishes at noon, the other team leaders will take a few minutes to explain what their team does, before the Food Team start to set up for the 1pm food-sharing lunch. We hope you’ll stay, and if you can, please bring a dish to share.
Even if you cannot be there all morning, it would be useful to be there at 12 and it would certainly be nice to come to lunch and meet other members. If it rains we’ll eat inside.


Mark steps down

The shed that Mark built.

Mark, the Land and Water Team leader is taking a gap year from “Grow Our Own” at Bluebell to go travelling with his partner. I’m sure we’d all like to thank Mark for all his efforts. He almost single-handedly built the new tool shed. and has given a fine example to anyone who follows. We’ll miss him and hope to see him again soon.
I would hope that someone, possibly a member of Mark’s team, will now come forward and take over the role. Read Mark’s report from the last AGM to find out what’s involved, and please talk to other members and especially other team leaders and let us know by emailing bluebell@grow-our-own.co.uk

Final footnote


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Number 25 was the last newsletter in the current series: I have spent too long at my computer over recent years and need to see more of the real world!
I’d like to thank Tish Kerkham for her editorial help during the last year: we expect to continue putting news and stories on the “blog”, but no longer emailing to members.
We have “social media”, and we will use them increasingly.
If you urgently wish to share news and ideas by email with all members, please let us know, and we could send out a circular.
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