Season’s Greetings

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all.

Changes at Bluebell.
I hope you had a good year on the allotment. Thanks for all your help over the year. I thought you’d be interested to see a summary of the last meeting of team leaders. There are a few changes. Peter Medhurst is now Land and Water team leader as Mark will be travelling. Roberta sent round a short survey.
Sustainable Living Initiative is registered as a charity and improvements to the organisational structure continue to be made. GO2 numbers at Bluebell have dropped to about 70 – how to get more people involved?
A new leaflet is being prepared. Jim said that Paul Lievens has offered to help redesign the website.
Plot 57A is going back to the Council at the end of this year. I’ve written to the four people still on that plot to offer them replacement plots as from spring 2017.
We will reinstate ‘volunteer’ morning on the first Sunday of the month, followed by food-sharing lunch. We will draw up the tasks to be done. How to advertise and organise and ask people sign up? Decided so far: 5th March – tools and recruitment (Jane); 2nd April – compost (Phil); 7th May – maintenance (Peter); 4th June – improve central path (Mahesh)
The rota: we will have one person on Wednesdays and two on Sundays. The notice re opening hours on the door has been changed to say that access is by key at any time to members.
A big thank you to Mark for all the work he has put into GO2. We all wish him and Joanna well for their travels.

I wish everyone a happy and productive new year!

You might be interested in a talk called “The History of the Bluebell Allotment” with Victoria Manthorpe, at Earlham Library Thursday 9th February 5.45pm – 7pm. Please let people know about it. Roberta

Rita wrote: Happy Christmas one and all, and best wishes for the coming year.  If you have time, check out today’s EDP (online) for “The farmer who buried his underpants”!

Many thanks Mark for your big contribution and Bon Voyage – and thanks to you Christine and GO2 team leaders for your hard work. Happy Christmas to you all, Roger

Food Share at Bluebell is on 1st January 2017, please come and help warm up the GO2 big shed. Moira

A tree decoration at the SLI Christmas meal at Marlpit Community Centre

A tree decoration at the SLI Christmas meal at Marlpit Community Centre

To see photos of the Christmas meal we shared on 10th December look at the SLI blog.

Best wishes, Jim