Anne-Marie writes about Training on 12 May 2018

All our training sessions are designed to be practical help for successful growing and this review by Anne-Marie was a delight to receive, so thank you Anne-Marie.

Growing Vegetables Organically –
A free training event at Marlpit Community Garden

Before the event, Mahesh emailed several useful charts of planting guides and crop rotations.
On the day we gathered around the table, with coffee, tea, cake and flapjack, and Jon and Mahesh opened the session with a discussion of seeds and sowing methods. Jon had some humorous advice about the practicalities of using seed tapes and fluid sowing. The informal nature of the session meant that the discussion could respond to the interests and queries of those attending, so it was great for getting advice about a particular problem be that to do with seeds, sowing, mulching, earthing up or whatever.
The practical sessions consisted of a weed identification walk, plenty of those, and we noted the difference between creeping buttercup and meadow buttercup. Then Jon led a seedbed preparation workshop, demonstrating the use of different hoes and how to use a rake effectively to level the bed and draw off stones. We learned how to make a drill line using string and sticks and how to create drills of different sizes for different seeds. A revelation to me was the rose on Jon’s watering can that produced a fine linear spray pattern, ideal for watering the drill, rather than the usual ‘showerhead’ spray pattern. Finally, we had experience at pricking out some modular grown seedlings, learning about safe handing to protect the plants and their roots.
Jon and Mahesh were very knowledgeable and genial hosts. It was a valuable experience for me as a beginner as well as for much more experienced growers.
Anne-Marie Steward (New member GO2)