If you wish to attend any ‘Training’ it is essential you confirm with Mahesh – sustainable@grow-our-own.co.uk


General Volunteering – Every Tues. (10am-2pm) – Marlpit
Forest Gardening – Every Thurs. (10am-1pm) – Marlpit
Volunteer Day and Food-share – Sun. 1st (10am-1pm) – Bluebell
Pick Your Own – Mon. 9th (2pm-4pm) – Marlpit
Training: Pests and Diseases – Sat. 21st (10am-1pm) – Marlpit
General Volunteering – Every Tues. (10am-2pm) – Marlpit
Forest Gardening – Every Thurs. (10am-1pm) – Marlpit
Volunteer Day and Food-share – Sun. 5th (10am-2pm) – Bluebell
Workshop: Jam Making – Sat. 18th (10-1) – Marlpit

Sow something new at GO2?

Why not try something new this midsummer? There are many crops which, when sown after mid June, produce into late summer and autumn. Fennel, pak choi, red mustard, kohl rabi and broccoli raab all germinate and grow quickly. Keep them weeded and watered and they will produce leaves, stems or flower sprouts to add spice and crunch to salads and stir fries. Black radish is a another very useful crop. I sowed a row last July and it produced black spherical roots, some the size of tennis balls. Roasted, along with carrots, onions and parsnip and a touch of olive oil and maple syrup, they were very tasty, losing any strong radish flavour to a mild sweetness.
Seeds and more information can be found at the back of the big shed, along with beetroot, carrots, spinach, lettuce and spring onion seeds which can still be sown.

At the time of writing there are still courgettes, squashes, sweet corn, French and runner bean plants available on the table alongside the greenhouse. Fennel, cavolo nero and other kale plants will be put out as they become ready.

Water supply to dip tanks at GO2

If the dip tanks are not refilling with water, remember to connect GO2’s water supply to the mains. Don’t be surprised if it takes some time to feed through as this will refill the big tanks behind the main shed first. If you’re not sure how to do this, please ask one of the team leaders.
Click here to see how it works

Gooseberries at Bluebell GO2

There are communal gooseberries ready for picking. The bushes are under netting on the left hand side of the path going from the greenhouse to the crossroads (where our horse muck heap is). Please help yourself!

Homemade Jam

Plenty of delicious jams available to buy for just £2.50 a jar.
Thanks to our recent jam making workshop we have gooseberry, mixed fruit and rhubarb with plenty more to be made on Saturday 18th August.

Good Gym 

The lovely lot at GoodGym literally ran all the way to Marlpit to give us a hand weeding and trimming in preparation for this month’s Open Day. They do a super job and we hope to see them back again soon!

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