Grass cutting at GO2 Bluebell South

Italian made - Emak Efcao LR 44PK Comfort Plus LawnmowerWe’ve recently purchased petrol-powered grass and brush cutting tools for GO2 Bluebell South.
Users of the equipment will need to demonstrate competence. If you have petrol strimmer experience or would like to gain knowledge and experience of using two-stroke strimmers contact Mahesh Pant on 07969 996646 or


Mark steps down

The shed that Mark built.

Mark, the Land and Water Team leader is taking a gap year from “Grow Our Own” at Bluebell to go travelling with his partner. I’m sure we’d all like to thank Mark for all his efforts. He almost single-handedly built the new tool shed. and has given a fine example to anyone who follows. We’ll miss him and hope to see him again soon.
I would hope that someone, possibly a member of Mark’s team, will now come forward and take over the role. Read Mark’s report from the last AGM to find out what’s involved, and please talk to other members and especially other team leaders and let us know by emailing

Water supply at GO2 Bluebell South

Some of the water tanks around the site (the ones which do not have a tap on them) are filled from the very large black drums behind the big green shed.
If the drums are not kept topped up, the smaller ones do not automatically refill.
tap_at_water_tankIt would help to maintain a constant supply of water in the tanks, if, when you pass the tap by the rockery on the right of the car park, you check our hosepipe is connected and switched on, as shown in the photo.
If someone else is using the tap, check later to make sure ours is connected and the tanks are being refilled. You can leave the tap switched on when you leave the site as it shuts off automatically when the tanks are full.

Thank you.

Water supply at GO2 Bluebell South

GO2_WATER_SYSTEMTo allotment holders at Bluebell.

 We ran out of water over the weekend as no one checked that the tanks were being refilled, and since last year you may have forgotten about filling of the tanks. Here’s a reminder – click the picture.

Tessa – Bluebell Seeds Team

It’s growing fast.

Tall weeds

Allotmenteers who haven’t attended their strips over the last fortnight will see the need to cut grass and invasive weeds now making seed heads. Please cut or pull the weeds before seed matures.

Mark –
Land and water team at Bluebell

Spring Clean GO2 at Bluebell South Allotments

Remember those little domestic allotment jobs you promised to do but haven’t had time to do. February is prime time to Spring clean around your manor. Take away and dispose of any non composting material you no longer can find use for – glass, metal, brick etc. Carpet is no longer to be brought or used on council leased allotment with the exception of 100% wool including backing. GO2 rents from the council so the rule applies to us. There is a place to put carpet you are no longer using. To find out where please email for instructions.
Whilst spring cleaning please redefine paths between strips and boarders adjoining neighbours. A minimum of 60cm for paths and boarders need to be maintained.
Maintenance of paths and boarders to all sides is part of strip/ plot agreement with GO2.

Scrap Wood

scrapwood1Over the years GO2 Bluebell has gained a fine collection of wood from all parts of the scheme. Much of the collection lies hidden behind sheds, end of strips, and forgotten out of sight. Each year more gets added, like many garages and lofts, until …

… what can be done? Ideas are requested, but here are a couple for discussion.
A. Make a bonfire of unwanted and decaying hard and soft wood, planks, broken-forgotten whatever it was. Left neglected to be put to flame.
B. Make a Hugelkultur bed. This is a permaculture method of cultivation where rotting wood mixed with other organic material such as kitchen waste and leaves, are put in a trench and covered with soil to grow veg.
Peter Anderson with team help constructed a Hugel on GO2 some years ago. The Hugel raised bed grows vegetables for the Food Team.
Information on Hugelkultur construction can be found on our website or use GoogleKultur to find out more!.

Help make the decision :
(A) Bonfire for a quick fix- paraffin, matches. Up in smoke.( bring potatoes to bake. Let’s have a party).

(B) Hugelkultur – digging, carrying, covering. Long term cultivation. All familiar to allotmenteers.
(Ok not an instant fix, but enjoying the vegetables of our labour in following years).

Let the Land and Water team know your thoughts and suggestions on this by replying through the newsletter.

The Tin Shed

Building on Bluebell is to recommence. It cannot be said that all has gone to plan. I’m reminded of the motorist lost asking for directions being told “you shouldn’t be starting from here”. The journey has had its detours not mentioning wind, rain, Christmas and New Year. Team players on the Tin Shed will be emailed in the next fortnight.

If you would like to be an occasional helper on the team or need information re Spring Clean GO2 email

Mark Newman – Land and Water

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image1Pictures of Nick Winn, water engineer, connecting the tanks to deliver rain water for delivery to dip tanks.

Click on the picture (and keep clicking) to see what happened…





Building the new tool-shed

Building the new tool-shed

The build continues despite weather conditions.



 A note from Juyna
2015-11-01 13.39
“On a gloriously sunny day we had a lovely food share in October. Thought you’d like this photo.”



(Jim says, “Click on photos – see more…”)

Land and water update


November Food Share

It was really nice to meet greet and chat with a few of the team who came to the food share. It was good to hear your ideas especially booking one food share for a general tidy and clearance session around strips. I’ll get that in the diary. Give me your suggested date/s for the cleanup. Remember choose from first Sundays.

Tidy tools

Tidy tools

Water supply.
The large tanks are being drained this week in preparation for grey water connection.
Help will be needed to clean guttering which will direct rain water from the centre building to the tanks. This is pencilled in for Sunday but has yet to be confirmed.

The Team.
There are members of the team I have yet to meet. Please make your self known to me by emailing but better tell me when you are going to your allotment as I may be able to come to you. Text 07766032098


New Tool-shed

Building is due to commence at Bluebell GO2 to erect a secure tool and machinery shed.shed
It is hoped to get the 2m x 3m x 2.5m high structure built as soon as deliveries arrive and helping hands identified.
If you can help with any of these tasks

  • clearing and levelling
  • marking out
  • frame construction (wood )
  • working with corrugated sheet cladding and internal fixing

please contact Mark for information and offers of help at

Mark Newman – Land and Water Team Leader at Bluebell GO2