Skill-sharing session on Sunday 26th of June, 11-12am,
at GO2 Bluebell South Allotments.

Symphytum_officinale-Common_ComfreyUrtica_dioica-NettleLearn how to make and use your own organic plant feed, also known as comfrey and nettle tea ; share your tips and advice of the month.




Skillshare Sunday

On Sunday 24th April 2016 Sophie ran a skillshare session on Soils, Soil Prep and Manure, with a guest appearance from Composting Phil. Hail and the lure of cake and tea increased attendance to a total of six lucky, cake-filled individuals in our GO2 shed in Bluebell site.

Sophie talked about soil preparation, talking about soil structure and properties here at the Bluebell site.

 Click here to read a full report…

Bluebell skillshare 1 240416 Bluebell skillshare 2 240416 Bluebell skillshare 3 240416 Bluebell-skillshare-4-240416
Natasha’s plot … Phil’s plot … Vicky’s plot … Demo plot …

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Skill-sharing at GO2 Bluebell South Allotments

11 to 12am on the last Sunday of the month.
Next is 24th April, followed by 29th May and 26th June

chocolate_cakeThese are friendly and informal meetings for growers to share tips and advice, find answers to their questions and discuss specific topics. Tea and cakes provided!
This Sunday – 24th April, we’ll discuss improving soil and preparing the ground for sowing – sharing some of the ideas from the recent practical training session at Marlpit Community Garden.

Get in touch at Click here to see the “Team Page”

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Learning at Marlpit

20151212-PracticalThe last session of the 2015 Programme of Practical Gardening courses is being held at Marlpit Community Garden on Saturday 12th December 2015.
It is titled “Sustainable Gardening Practices” – click here to book a place.


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Male Oedemera nobilis, False Oil Beetle, Thick-Legged Flower Beetle, Swollen-Thighed Beetle
Click the “Thick-legged Flower Beetle” to see Teresa’s report of November’s “Gardening for Nature” session.

New Training Programme

The new programme of courses for 2016 is published. Two courses will be run on the third Saturday of each month. There are morning courses titled “Growing Fruit and Vegetables” and afternoon courses titled “Growing and Using Herbs“. To find out more and sign-up, click here.

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Bluebell GO2 Skills-sharing session, Sunday 18th October 2015, 11 to 12am

conundrumOur skill-sharing sessions are informal and friendly meetings where we exchange tips and advice. This time we’ll talk about what to plant this autumn and how to prepare the ground for next season. It will also be an opportunity to review our successes and failures of this summer, taking good note of them for next year.
Tea and cakes provided!calendars-page
You can’t make this date? Don’t worry, come to our shared lunch on Sunday 1st November. Many people will be there, able to answer your questions.


Sad news…

We were saddened to hear of the death of Alison Foss unexpectedly on Thursday 20th August 2015. The funeral was at 2:15 on Wednesday 23rd September at Earlham Cemetery.Marlpit sunflowers

Alison has been active at Marlpit Community Garden since it started and was the accountant for Sustainable Living Initiative since April this year.
Alison wrote the Marpit Newsletter which we send monthly and regularly contributed to our Bluebell Newsletters, with recipes , reports and even a book review. We enjoyed Alison’s company last Saturday, cooking lunch at Marlpit Community Centre.
Our condolences go to Dennis, Alison’s husband – we’ll miss her.

Jim and Moira

P1050906The new office at Marlpit Community Centre has great kitchen facilities with space for small groups to cook all sorts of seasonal produce and share their skills.

If you’d like to cook Mediterranean dishes, we are planning a session on Saturday 26th September from 10.00 until 2pm.

To experience these culinary delights, e-mail me at to reserve a place, and if you could share a cooking skill or recipe, please let me know. Please don’t be shy, just let me know by e-mail or leave a message in the book in the shed.

Moira and the Food Team

Foodshare Sunday

was busy – growers showed inventive ways of cooking produce from their plots. The events page has pictures – click here.

Jane's Rice Salad

To read Jane G’s Rice Salad Recipe – click here

Now the office has moved to Marlpit Community Centre (just 5 minutes from Marlpit allotments), we can take advantage of the kitchen facilities and cook all sorts of seasonal produce.

We can do this in small groups of members, and share their skills.
For example, if you’d like to cook Mediterranean dishes, we are planning a session on Saturday 26th September from 10.00 until 2pm.
If you would like to experience these culinary delights, e-mail me at to reserve a place – places are limited by the size of the kitchen.
Also, if you are able to share a cooking skill, please let me know. Please don’t be shy, just let me know by e-mail or leave a message in the book in the shed.
Jam making and chutneys are already in full swing in preparation for fundraising on Open Day on 4th October.

Moira and the Food Team

Training at Marlpit Community Garden and our new office at Marlpit Community Centre.

Next Training Day on the second Saturday in August (the 8th) is titled “Harvesting and preserving fruit and vegetables

2014-10-06 14.44

We’ll be making jams and chutneys in the kitchen at the new office, above you can see what we made last year to raise funds.

If you’d like to join in, make a booking on the website – click here.


Session 6: Pests Training is on Sunday 19th July

Growing fruit, vegetables and herbs: a practical training course

Session 6:  Pest and disease, identification and control, has been rescheduled!
It will now take place on Sunday 19th July from 10 until 1 at Marlpit Community Garden, Marlpit Lane. There are still some places available; it is free for GO2 Bluebell team leaders and other   members will get a discounted rate (£12 for the session). Anyone interested, please contact

A free workshop (for our GO2 members) on: repairing and maintaining garden power tools – Sunday 19th July from 1 pm to 3 pm, at Marlpit Community Garden, Marlpit Lane. Booking essential, please contact Mahesh