SLI Trustees

Trustees 2016

Trustees 2016

The Trustees of Sustainable Living Initiative are volunteers who administer the charity freely.
You may have noticed that in our contact pages and elsewhere there is a link –

Registered Charity Number: 1154190

If you click on it and follow, you see the information held by The Charity Commission, about our SLI and its trustees.
Currently in October 2016, there are 8 trustees – some have only recently been appointed, others have been there from the start.
We do not meet often, but we all play active roles in the organisation.

We are also a “Company Limited by Guarantee” that is  “Registered Company 05472105” and as such our Trustees are also Directors . If you follow this link you can read all the documents we have filed at Companies House, including detailed accounts.

Of course you can also see a simplified account in the Annual Reports on our own website – click here.