About SLI Trustees

The Trustees of Sustainable Living Initiative are volunteers who administer the charity freely.
You may have noticed that in our contact pages and elsewhere there is a link – Registered Charity Number: 1154190 – If you click on it and follow, you see the information held by The Charity Commission, about our SLI and its trustees.
Currently in October 2016, there are 8 trustees – some have only recently been appointed, others have been there from the start.
We do not meet often, but we all play active roles in the organisation.

We are also a “Company Limited by Guarantee” that is  “Registered Company 05472105” and as such our Trustees are also Directors . If you follow this link you can read all the documents we have filed at Companies House, including detailed accounts.

Of course you can also see a simplified account in the Annual Reports on our own website – click here.