About Paul NicholsonTrustee at SLI

Resume of relevant experience, interests and motivation: SLI Trustee support note

I came from Hull to Norwich in 1979 – though I was originally raised in London. By today’s standards my upbringing was not ideal, however, it did give me enough independence to be able to progress through challenging times and to leave me with an appreciation of the important qualities in a good life – or at least in my opinion! Joining the SLI has been worthwhile and I hope that as a trustee I am able to help further progress things that most of us would regard as important.

Relevant Experience
Project Management – numerous examples of project development, implementation and completion in regards to learning and children’s recreation, arts, outdoor activities and learning
Policy development, research, team leading, community engagement, bid development and submissions
Market Gardening – trained for three months on an organic farm for a summer over forty years ago, also a summer clearing local rivers of eutrophication and overgrown embankments.. My hands on experience is therefore rather limited.
Voluntary work – minor amount with Sustrans, various other minor involvements over the years as a volunteer
Assisted numerous local charities and community groups with business planning, governance, funding, and implementation of projects. Also worked in the role of a grants officer so I am able to see both sides of the bidding-funding equation

Mostly with Norwich city council in a variety of roles (c. 12) across a broad range of work. Background originally was managing a busy London pub and later, a small south coast hotel.

Relevant interests
Growing: My allotment shows the full range of skills that I possess – ie not good, but at least I am willing to try. I seem to be happier in communal activities such as communal allotment, greenhouse work etc. I suppose here I can do least harm.
I am happy to help out with desktop activities such as assisting with bid writing, and other aspects such as project management (Prince 2 foundation qualified) – something that can be useful to support bids for funding.
I like cooking and enjoy Indian, Middle Eastern, Mediterranean foods, though I also like the Bond St Café. Hopefully I can help out a bit at the Centre with a bit of kitchen help!
Paul Nicholson