Training Day 12December 12th 2015

Sustainable Gardening Practices“, with Jon Darby

This was to include building and organising the compost area on the Marlpit site, unfortunately
the practical had to be abandoned because the weather was so bad.

We discussed soil structure, and how there is far more going on than we can see. The importance of a good compost in creating and sustaining that structure was emphasised.
Instead of the practical, the construction of compost bays with pallets was described. Three bays are needed to provide the rotation of: new, rotting, and usable compost.

An excellent meal of curried vegetables and rice dishes and a choice of lovely cakes was served by Amy and the Bluebell Cooking Team.

This series of Training Days, that have run through the year, have been extremely good. They have all been well structured and informative. Providing so much useful information, yet allowing plenty of questions and answers to expand the subject, within 3 hours – truly professional.