Training Day 11 — November 14th 2015

Gardening With Nature”, with George Ishmael

George discussed our climate here in Norfolk and Norwich. Very dry, almost drought (official definition) conditions.

Male Oedemera nobilis, False Oil Beetle, Thick-Legged Flower Beetle, Swollen-Thighed Beetle

Thick-Legged Flower Beetle on Ox-eye Daisy (Photo Jim) Click to book training courses.


And went on to explain how the large fields and intensive farming of our area is not an ideal habitat for wild life. There are more insects, small creatures and greater diversity in the smaller fields in the west of the country.

He gave us ideas of how to work with nature, in an organic way, to grow plants that like the dry conditions.

The training was held at the Community Centre, as the day was cold and wet.

A walk was taken to see the Wild Flower Border at the Garden. George explained his ideas behind the planning, and how it has proceeded so far, and what he expects in the future.

The walk was followed by a delicious lunch, provided by Amy and Mahesh, of food grown at the Gardens.

The group enjoyed the session and left with a native strawberry or ox-eye daisy.
George Ishmael is an Environmental Scientist and a Chartered Landscape Architect, he designed the layout of the Marlpit Community Garden.



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Here is George explaining to the group about management of the wild flower border that he planted at Marlpit Community Garden last year.

Photos by Sophie