Growing and Using Herbs – February 2016


Add beeswax to make an ointment


Making a hot oil infusion

The first of the ‘Growing and Using Herbs’ Practical Training Courses was held at the Marlpit Community Garden on Saturday, February 20th.The newly screened Gazebo was made cosy by Alex Hobbs’ camping stove, and we were further warmed by a welcoming cup of delicious Digestive Tea. which we sipped as she demonstrated how to make a Hot Infused Oil with Thyme & Rosemary from the Marlpit Herb Garden.

We were given comprehensive handouts to accompany both Alex’s talk on the History of Herbalism, and our walk around the herb garden, where Alex identified the Top Ten herbs found growing wild in our gardens (as ‘weeds’!) and also the Top Ten herbs to grow in a herb border. (These very informative handouts also included a List of Suppliers.)

We were also instructed how to make a Cold (or Sun) Infusion (for example Marigold petals in oil, on a window sill in the sunshine). Alex identified those plants suited to this method.



Sampling Alex’s digestive tea


Alex identifying herbs at Marlpit Community Garden


Separating Rosemary leaves