Growing and Using Herbs – March 2016

Herbs at our Feet, the second of these Practical Training Courses was held at the Marlpit Community Garden on Saturday, March 19th.

We were given informative handouts featuring simple common plants that grow anywhere – e.g.: Chickweed, Yarrow and Plantain. Samples were passed round for us to identify.

The preparation of a cold-compress was demonstrated, together with its use to cool rashes and irritated skin.

To contrast the use of the same plants for different purposes, those of the cold compress were used to prepare a hot poultice – to help rheumatic joints, or to assist in the healing of broken bones.

After enjoying a delicious herbal tea, we were shown how to blend our own tea, which we were given to take home.

The session finished with a walk around the Community Garden, identifying the plants we had used – and more – with which to make up our own pot of useful everyday herbs.