GO2 Bluebell Open Day 2015

We had a great Open Day on Sunday 4 October with lots of visitors and many new growers signing up. The weather was superb and the food excellent. We took over £100 in donations towards food and about £50 in money from selling jam and chutney. Many thanks to those who helped out with renewals in the shed, those who provided food, and those who helped generally. In eight years of open days, I would say it was the best.

... for tasting fresh juice of apple and pears

Tasting fresh juice of apple and pears

In addition some people helped with pressing apples and pears and those who sampled the juice must surely agree that it was delicious. Click here to see some FaceBook photos.

New members

We welcomed several new members to GO2 and we now number about 90 growers on 14 plots at Bluebell.

We also raised funds –

Jam, chutney £70, Donations for food and drink – £107

Click here to see some FaceBook photos

or here for some others.

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