Main Dishes


Main Dishes – Flans, quiches, casseroles, roasts, …

Jane G’s Four Flatbreads
Jane G’s Courgette Surprise
Janet’s Tomato and Almond Tart
Alison’s beans and beetroot recipes
Eddie’s fish
Herby potatoes
Asparagus risotto
Spanakopita in May
Spanakopita in September
Jane’s Kuku
Leek and cheese tart
Fennel and pea risotto
Patates alla borghese
Bombay Aloo – Potatoes
Provencal Pizza
Sauteed Chard
Jane C’s Stuffed Courgettes or Marrow
Alpine-style potato bake
Big beef casserole
Cauliflower cheese
Colcannon with kale and leeks
Courgette risotto
Couscous with spring veggies and herbs
Frittata with new potatoes
January pasta with broccoli, Stilton and walnuts
Kale, potato and chickpea curry
New potato and spinach curry
Pork casserole with apple
Provencal pizza
Red pepper and feta cheese quiche
Roman spring vegetables
Spring vegetable risotto
Squash risotto
Turkish pilaf with asparagus and peas
Turkish scrambled eggs – menemen
Veggie lasagne

Courgette Surprise

Courgette Surprise

Courgette Surprise Using an overgrown round Courgette Cut the top off and scrape out the inside leaving the courgette whole; discard the seeds and roughly chop the flesh. In a pan - a tablespoon of olive oil with 2 crushed garlic cloves, ...
Fennel and pea risotto

Fennel and pea risotto

Jane's Fennel and pea risotto Don't I wish I could succeed with growing fennel! (Here's how) I've tried and it was a dismal failure. BUT if I had succeeded, I could be making this lovely dish with my own home-grown fennel (have to wait a few weeks...


  KuKu This is one of the two dishes I did for allotment-share lunch at the weekend: Persian kuku, which is basically a Persian variation on a familiar tortilla/frittata theme of solid veggie omelettes. Blooming delicious too. Shame I can't...
Provencal Pizza

Provencal Pizza

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Alison's Recipes

Alison's Recipes

Recipes Are your broad beans ready to eat ? I love these early ones raw in salads or steamed lightly, but here are some other ideas. There’s a recipe on the GO2 website for Broad Bean Bake if you fancy having a go at that. ...