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Courgette Fritters

Courgette Fritters

Courgette fritters Cooking time Prep: 10 mins Cook: 6 mins Grate courgettes and add to a pancake batter then fry up mini veggie patties with chilli dip.

Janet J’s Tomato and Almond Tart

Yotam Ottolenghi's tomato recipes Thanks friends, for the kind words about the tomato and almond tart I cooked for food sharing this Sunday.It’s not my recipe but Yotam Ottolenghi’s from the Guardian a couple of summers ago.
Here is the link if you want to look it up on the web.I’ll just add some notes.
As Yotam says, tomatoes have much improved. The ones I used were supermarket vine tomatoes, but they did come from Norfolk.
I don’t have a food processor but you can do the frangipane paste by hand – as it’s summer and we are having warm weather, if you leave the butter out to soften it is not too hard to beat it up but you also need to beat up the eggs before you add them in small quantities a little at a time.
I used good quality dried breadcrumbs from Waitrose. The pastry was also a JusRoll all butter puff pastry sheet.There are a lot of ingredients but, if you weigh things out before you start into plastic bowls, it is all quite simple.I didn’t use the optional anchovies to make the tart enjoyable by most people.
Let me know if you have a good result with this recipe!
Janet J – August 2014

Bridget’s Salsa

August 2013

Alison’s Beans and Beetroot Recipes

August 2013

Tomatillo Salsa Verde

Broad Bean Bake

Beetroot tops and bottoms with a pearl barley risotto

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