Recipes for July

Strawberry and citrus water ice

Strawberry and citrus water ice

I’m in the happy situation of having a LOT of strawberries again on the allotment this year, so I thought it would be nice to try a strawberry water ice.

And here’s a seasonal pud,
to celebrate the first of the summer strawberries.

Here are two more recipes, neither of which is seasonal or local. But they are delicious!
The first is Greek olive bread (eliopitta) which I baked for the GO2 lunch last weekend – not a crumb was left.
And the second is for Amy at her request – Tarta de Santiago (or, as our Spanish co-gardeners will know, Cake of St James). Amy asked me if I knew of a famous flourless almond cake that her Portuguese friend knows and loves (but has forgotten the recipe). When I described this to her she said: “Yes, that’s it! That’s the one!”
I baked that for the first time at Easter and OMG it is fantastic….
All the best

PS. Try Kuku

Asparagus risotto

Greek olive bread (eliopitta)

Tarta de Santiago