Soups, sauces and side-dishes

Herby Flatbread April 2015

Tomatillo Salsa Verde



Try cheese scones with soup

Chestnut and chorizo soup

 M Fresh tomato sauce 7-9-11_page_001 Fresh tomato sauce

French vegetable soup for Spring equinox

Ginger and chilli pumpkin soup – 2014

Pumpkin Soup

Pasta and beans


Apple Syrup

Apple Syrup

Apple Syrup Any surplus apples can be mashed and juiced for this pancake or ice-cream syrup recipe (or buy cheap apple juice from concentrate!)
Four Flatbreads

Four Flatbreads

Four Flatbreads Here are four similar and easy recipes for flatbreads from the Sunday Times Tony Turnbull Published at 3:14PM, January 24 2015 Jane G.